Stock transactions rose by 39.44% in February —NSE
March 25, 2016

Stanley Opara

The total transactions at the Nigerian Stock Exchange increased by 39.44 per cent from N84.10bn recorded in January 2016 to N117.27bn (about $0.60bn) in February 2016.

In comparison with the same period in 2015, the total transactions decreased by 36.44 per cent from the N184.49 recorded in February 2015, the NSE posted on its website on Thurday.

Domestic investors significantly outperformed foreign investors by 27.04 per cent. Domestic transactions increased from 48.43 per cent in January 2016 to 63.52 per cent in February2016, while Foreign Portfolio Investment transactions decreased from 51.57 per cent to 36.48 per cent over the same period.

The monthly foreign outflows outpaced inflows and this was consistent with the same period in 2015. Foreign outflows increased by 20.79 per cent from N26.36bn in January 2016 to N31.84bn while foreign inflows decreased by 35.68 per cent from N17.01bn in January 2016 to N10.94bn in February 2016.

The total domestic transaction increased by 82.89 per cent from January to February 2016.

The institutional composition of the domestic market increased by 75.05 per cent from N21.85bn in January to N38.25bn in February while the retail composition increased by 91.95 per cent from N18.88bn in January to N36.24bn in February 2016.

This, the Exchange said indicated that institutional investors slightly outperformed their retail counterparts in the period under review.

In 2013, there was a major rebound in the domestic component which led to an almost equal split in foreign against domestic transactions.

This dropped in 2014 where FPI outperformed domestic transactions.

In 2015, the FPI dropped compared with 2014. However, it slightly outperformed domestic transactions in the same period.