Our primary role as stockbrokers is timely and efficient execution of orders (buys and sells), in order to ensure that maximum benefits accrue to our customers. These services include:

  • Institutional Trading
  • Individual Trading
  • Risk Arbitrage Trading
  • Market Making
  • Private Equity Trading

Our stockbroking services are enhanced by cutting edge technology, which provides real time information to our customers concerning execution of their orders and performance of their investments

Our Strategic Goals

The strategic goals and market focus of Imperial are as follows:

  • Carve a niche in the provision of investment banking services in our competencies
  • Develop skills, organizational and structural capacity required to compete and win in the market place and for achieving its vision and mission.
  • Develop a strong profile as a reputable Stockbroking and Financial Advisory Company with strong presence in our core area
  • Package and nurture a stream of innovative and profitable products for  our various clientele.
  • Assemble a crop of young, experienced, professional and action-seeking work force with blend of expertise and measured aggression that are required to compete and win in the market place.
  • Market leader through an assertive and competitive drive for quality mandates, right caliber of customers and stylish delivery of specially packaged products that the market is yet to experience.
  • To be a sought after stockbroking and financial advisory Company by investors that place premium on integrity, professionalism, personalized service and superior returns on investment.