I mperial Asset Managers Limited (“Imperial”, “the Company”) was incorporated in Nigeria on October 19, 2006 as a private limited liability company. Imperial is duly licensed by the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) and registered by the Securities & Exchange Commission. The Company commenced business operations on 3rd September 2007.
Imperial is principally a stock broking and financial advisory company dedicated solely to managing assets for carefully select clientele that desire high quality, specialized and personalized niche products and services in the areas of:

  • Securities Trading
  • Financial Advisory
  • Investment Advisory Services
  • Project Financing advisory
  • Financial Research Services

Our Mission

To share in the joy of enhancing our customer’s wealth, and experience the excitement of competing and winning in the market place.

Our Vision

To seek superiority in all we undertake to do and to be among the top 10 stock broking firms in Nigeria.

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Our primary role as broker/dealer is timely and efficient execution of orders (buys and sells), in order to ensure that maximum benefits accrue to our customers. These services include:
• Institutional Trading
• Individual Trading
• NASD OTC Equity Trading

Our stockbroking services are enhanced by cutting edge technology, which provides real time information to our customers concerning execution of their orders and performance of their investments.

Our advisory services, which essentially complement our securities trading, are designed to assist our customers secure maximum returns on their investments. These services include:

• Provision of advice on the price of securities based on our insightful research resources and rich technical experience.
• Access to our database and research materials: We provide our customers with Weekly Reports that supports quality investment decisions.
• Portfolio Review: Periodically, we would carry out a valuation and review of your portfolio and advice accordingly on actions to take based on the following:
• Review of the economy/operating environment.
• Review of the performance of individual, private and global portfolios, and communicating these effectively and efficiently to our customers and subscribers
• Provision of information on the future outlook of the market against the backdrop of expected future prospects of the economy/investment environment

Our financial advisory role involves serving as independent advisors and advocates for issuers of securities on the primary and secondary financial markets. We provide issuers of bonds and equity instruments with accurate, up-to¬ date, resourceful and technical information necessary to make intelligent and informed decisions. Our resources possess deep knowledge of financing techniques and products, and our good knowledge of the local and international bond markets gives our customers cutting-edge advantage. Our financial advisory services involve a good understanding of our customer’s corporate debt profile and financial history.
The Financial Advisory services cover the following areas:

• Debt profile review and management
• Capital financing program review and management
• Cash-flow/debt capacity analysis
• Bond Financing arrangements
• Financing Plan development

We possess a very strong project advisory team which enables our customers achieve superior returns on key projects and investments. These services include:
• Analyzing and valuing existing projects and future opportunities available to customers
• Identifying and realizing asset value enhancement opportunities both for individual projects and for the portfolio as a whole
• Supporting in the identification, development and execution of secondary market transactions, including refinancing
• Evaluating financial assets (value ,performance and financial projections}
• Valuing investments, modeling and calculating investment and portfolio performance
• Reviewing and reporting of the annual performance of existing Investments
• Supporting refinancing transactions both at individual project and portfolio levels
• Reviewing investment and disposal opportunities and providing support for secondary market transactions
• Conducting due diligence on potential acquisitions
• Provide in-house advice as part of a financial advisory and modeling matters

Financial Research provides a key role in our business, by providing expert research and analysis services which is used as an input in our business process and which aids our customers in making cutting edge investment decisions. The department is responsible for keeping Imperial on the cutting edge of investment management by providing high¬ quality research support to all our business units. Imperial possesses strong competences inequity research, bond and fixed income research, economic research, corporate finance research, macro/micro research and analysis.